Empower teamwork through collaboration and incredible flexibility with our SharePoint Development and consultancy

To avoid the inconveniences of manual content management and collaboration, SharePoint empowers teamwork through managing content, applications, and knowledge. Microsoft SharePoint seamlessly collaborate across the organization and quickly find the information, with the incredible power and flexibility. SharePoint has the following features.

  • Simple sharing and seamless collaboration
  • Dynamic and productive team sites
  • Effortless and secure collaboratione
  • Personalized, targeted news
  • Consolidate content sprawl
  • Collaborate and search efficiently
  • Robust technological competencies for SharePoint development
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Our SharePoint Development Consulting Services

Cognitive Convergence has got the insight that Microsoft SharePoint has become the business collaboration platform for every organization right from start-up to big enterprises. We provide SharePoint development services to optimize business processes and enhance employee productivity.

  • Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications
  • Increase visibility for HR, Managers and Directors
  • Modern Company intranet - rich collaboration and standardize business processes
  • Document management - role base security, document conversion, easy sharing, approval and archival of documents
  • Implement action triggers and integrate different services
  • SharePoint Server Side Development – Customize and extend SharePoint sites, running on server side
  • SharePoint Client Side Development – Build client-side components, add-ins, and solutions
  • SharePoint Hosted Add-in and SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-ins
  • SP with Power BI – display reports and dashboards on SharePoint page
  • SP with Power Apps – Using SharePoint lists as data sources for Power Apps
  • SP with Power Automate – Automate manual and mundane processes
  • Meet long term needs pf your company through technical support
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