Automate tasks for vendors to record your agreements concerning and speed up project execution our Dynamics 365 Field Service Consultancy

Dynamics 365 Field service enables business organization to efficiently manage their field related tasks. It helps to intelligently schedule the field workers by optimizing their on-site visits, offering asset management, taking care of resources and equipment on time, cross-selling opportunities, etc.

  • Detect problems before they even occur by harnessing the power of AI and IoT
  • Integration of your Dynamics 365 for Field Service with any other third-party application
  • Ensure a first-time fix
  • Appoint right employees with the required skills set
  • Combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility
  • Set up mobile workers for success
Dynamics 365 Field Service Image - Cognitive Convergence

Our Dynamics 365 Field Service - Consulting Services
  • Schedule optimization
  • Asset management
  • Develop custom logic, plugins, components, and controls
  • Invoice processing
  • Improve first-time fix rate
  • Complete more service calls per technician per week
  • Schedule onsite visits when it's convenient for the customer
  • Reduce travel time, mileage, and vehicle wear and tear
Dynamics 365 Field Service Image - Cognitive Convergence
Development Trends Dynamics 365 - for Field Service are:
  • TypeScript Based Development
    (Deploy full-stack typescript code in Dynamics 365 web resources)
  • Rest APIs Based Development
    (Implement OData protocol with Dynamics 365 REST API for cloud and on-premises)
  • xRM Based Development
    (Create and manage dataverse records with Dynamics 365 XRM development)
  • Plugins Based Development
    (Handle events fired by dynamics 365 CRM to augment the behavior of the platform)
  • PCF Based Development
    (Install custom code components in dataverse environment)

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service Consulting

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