Let us take you to a magical and revolutionary journey towards marketing with our Dynamics 365 Marketing consultancy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows organizations interact with customers and prospects on a special targeted basis. It helps to find and nurture the potential lead by locating the most ideal customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing ensures effective improvement in marketing return on investment (ROI).

  • Personalize the buyer experience
  • Integrate with existing marketing apps such as ClickDimensions
  • Automate marketing plan across all digital channels
  • LinkedIn integration for better business development
  • Trigger customer journeys in real time based on the signals
  • Collection of rich profile data from customers
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Our Dynamics 365 Marketing - Consulting Services
  • Setting up Dynamics 365 Marketing with advanced settings configuration
  • Manage events (webinars, etc.) in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • Smooth third-party integrations
  • Strategize email marketing campaign
  • Develop custom logic, plugins, components, and controls
  • Planning and implementing event – based customer journeys
  • Analyze insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots
  • Integrate Marketing module with Dynamics 365 portals or Power App portals
Dynamics 365 Marketing Image - Cognitive Convergence
Development Trends for Dynamics 365 - Marketing are:
  • TypeScript Based Development
    (Deploy full-stack typescript code in Dynamics 365 web resources)
  • Rest APIs Based Development
    (Implement OData protocol with Dynamics 365 REST API for cloud and on-premises)
  • xRM Based Development
    (Create and manage dataverse records with Dynamics 365 XRM development)
  • Plugins Based Development
    (Handle events fired by dynamics 365 CRM to augment the behavior of the platform)
  • PCF Based Development
    (Install custom code components in dataverse environment)

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