We take the most creative approach to solve your complex challenges from strategize to implementation

As an on-demand Microsoft Cloud consulting company, we have a proven history of serving our clients with structure and discipline each time. Our team of globally recognized experts is positioned and ready to provide your company with high-impact Microsoft Enterprise/Cloud services throughout the project lifecycle. We believe that to achieve a milestone one must have a clearly articulated plan at its base. For which, we help companies in their research processes to define project plans with definite roadmaps to help them succeed in the future.

  • User-centric and data-driven Strategy Development
  • Market attractiveness assessment
  • Requirements gathering, reimagining processes, integrating software tools, designing interfaces, and propelling projects to completion
  • Navigating your business transformations
  • Data-driven insights to plan and prepare
  • Agile methodology with constant collaboration and evolution with time
  • Strategy sustainability

Our team of Microsoft Enterprise/Cloud Solutions professionals invites you to exploit all features with the maximum benefit for your enterprise. We make sure that our strategy meets your business objectives by providing the full cycle of consulting, customization, and support services for projects of various complexity.

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Considering user expectations as the imperative pillar, we make highly optimized and instinctive digital transformations. To achieve modernization, we offer creative and humanistic design solutions to meet your desires, that advance your business objectives while resonating your target audience. Our certified designers deliver cutting-edge digital interactions that maximize generation and innovation investments throughout customer studies.

  • Analysis and Insights from Software Requirement specification
  • Visioning and Viability in Software Design lifecycle
  • Architectural design, High-level design and detailed design
  • Modularization and concurrency
  • Customer Experience Maturity Modelling
  • Design verification with the help of process diagrams and documentation

Our aim is to maximize interactions with customers that leverage modern-day packages and inner utilities to proceed in an agile way. Our design will support you with both sales and servicing efforts, which together make up the end-to-end customer experience.

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Cognitive Convergence has a team of industry’s experts Programmer/Developer/Architect who work closely together with the organization to develop solutions that are innovative and practical to entire the target market. We develop solutions with both rapid methodology and traditional approach to have a blended customized solution to your business problems.

  • Flexible development for businesses with complex requirements
  • Modern frameworks with seamless integrations
  • Building intelligent application software for data management
  • Transform requirements into features in an agile model
  • Produce quality software by eliminating programming limitations at an early stage
  • API integrations with core back-end systems and deployments

We coordinate to assess factors that are influencing strategies across the full spectrum of options. We develop solutions to optimize business processes by adopting emerging trends of the industry that exert a major impact on tech world.

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We offer our consultancy to deliver state-of-art solutions that focus on intuitive ideas and a practical work model. We offer software consultancy slicing throughout various domains with our offerings, aligned with contemporary customer needs. We assist our customers construct effective, consumer-centric programs that resource of their digital transformation.

  • Evaluation and Road mapping
  • Up to date with latest releases while focusing on your business growth
  • Increase utilization and flexibility
  • Cost efficient solutions, converting generic built-in templates to business specific applications
  • Advisory and technical assistance based on your business needs
  • Agile consultancy, collaboration to provide best possible solutions

Our consultancy support facilitates our customers get to market quicker and enhance their average operational efficiencies. Adapt to the future technology, that best matches your specific needs.

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By having experience of over a decade, Cognitive Convergence offers a complete range of custom software development services for a wide variety of audiences. Microsoft Enterprise/Cloud Solutions allow you to build and enhance your competitive edge. We adopt and follow a responsive methodology that is facilitated by seamless communication with our clients.

  • Related POC and MVP development
  • Custom application and workflow development
  • Smart and fast data-inventory mechanisms and automations
  • Supporting you in customizing your cloud solution and making it an integral part of the enterprise digital environment
  • Integrate with a large number of business applications
  • Ready-to-go custom add-ins

From conceptualization & business analysis to prototyping and deployment, our team assists you at every stage of the software development life cycle. We enable businesses to streamline their processes with the help of our experienced certified subject-specific developers. We follow a framework of being business-centric to focus on making software systems smoother and more efficient using Cloud technology.

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At cognitive convergence, we assist cut thru the clutter by placing collectively several Microsoft Cloud solutions together to help you get ahead of the curve. By representing flexible and high-quality services, our experts will help you with the secure implementation, so your employees can focus on business productivity instead of battling with the tools.

  • Head-start with pre-configured templates
  • Proficiency to configure customized domain specific solutions
  • Automating manual, repetitive, and mundane processes
  • Developing and customizing Customer engagement applications
  • Modern frameworks with seamless experiences across devices
  • Rapid prototyping with agile development
  • End-to-end automated execution of complete business lifecycle

While working with Cognitive Convergence, you can make your work sources most productive, by having streamlined enterprise methods with support from our proper implementation services. We offer complete assistance in a form of end-user focus on products and services from un-installation & re-set up to secured performance with superb rates for whole peace of thoughts.

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