Drive project success and profitability with Project Operations

Project Operations (formerly known as Project Service Automation) business application targets Service Organizations that offer project sampling. It connects different modules of dynamics 365 such as sales, resourcing, project management, and finance teams in a single application to win more deals, accelerate project delivery, and maximize profitability.

  • Transform their project lifecycle digitally.
  • Collaborate between teams for projects.
  • Assign tasks to the team in every project.
  • Track the progress of each task in project using time entries.
  • Manage material and expense usage.
  • Estimate and track project costs and revenue.
  • Use project estimates during the sales process.
  • Forecast resource requirements for projects that are in the pipeline.
  • Deliver projects successfully by tracking progress and cost consumption
Dynamics 365 Project Operations Image - Cognitive Convergence

Our Dynamics 365 Project Operations - Consulting Services
  • Streamlined Time Entries creation and submission process.
  • Assign resources to tasks in respective projects.
  • Optimize the resource scheduling and allocation in Schedule Board
  • Guarantee a near-peerless level of service and assistance
  • Streamlined Actuals calculation process
  • Plan, execute, and manage material usage campaigns
  • Creation and usage of Materials required for respective projects
  • Deliver quality analytics using built-in Dashboard and Power BI dashboards
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Development Trends for Dynamics 365 - Project Operation are:
  • TypeScript Based Development
    (Deploy full-stack typescript code in Dynamics 365 web resources)
  • Rest APIs Based Development
    (Implement OData protocol with Dynamics 365 REST API for cloud and on-premises)
  • xRM Based Development
    (Create and manage dataverse records with Dynamics 365 XRM development)
  • Plugins Based Development
    (Handle events fired by dynamics 365 CRM to augment the behavior of the platform)
  • PCF Based Development
    (Install custom code components in dataverse environment)

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