Connecting people and technology. We share Innovation to give you life time value.

Cognitive Convergence is a Microsoft Certified and Global Provider of Edge-to-Edge solutions and consulting services for Tech Startup, SAAS/Cloud companies, software development houses / Consulting House business. We help our clients outpace the new digital market by creating environments that are efficient, agile, transparent, flexible, and secure. We believe that without these characteristics, companies will miss the opportunity to the ideally scale. Cognitive Convergence assembles the power of the latest technology to turn our clients’ ideas into practical reality, also enabling them to focus on driving innovation, outperforming the market while increasing productivity.


Every organization has a unique vision with focus goals. Our corporate vision is to permit our customers to turn thoughts into productive results. Cognitive Convergence transforms organizations with consulting, managed services, and custom solutions that sets us engaged with clients for lifetime value. We believe in a greater efficient future, where Agile Product and Cloud technology meet to process and generate join for better business consequences and extended pace to market.

Practiced Values
  • Collaborating as a partner/team
  • Looking for ways to meet and exceed customer’s expectations
  • Honoring commitments to partners and clients
  • Providing creative and innovative solutions
  • Maintaining a “personal touch” as per unique need of our customers

Our Culture
  • Accountability
  • Customer focus
  • Teamwork
  • IP-Security
  • Mutual respect
  • Excellence in performance
  • Integrity

Our Valuable Clients