Cognitive Convergence's expert team is ready to evaluate, design, build, modernize, and optimize innovative solutions as per different industries.

These days, education sector across the world rely on talent and technology. eLearning development companies are changing the traditional teaching methodology by bringing innovations in learning.
We offer educational institute experience a full-cycle eLearning software strategy implementation. Our consulting services feature lean design and advanced technologies with the special emphasis on learners. We aim to get you the best services that enhances productivity, retention, and engagement through gamified eLearning and mLearning solutions.

  • Education software customization services
  • Students, parents, admin, and teachers’ portal management
  • Gamification
  • CMS provider handles all technical aspects of implementation
  • Integrated solutions for schools to gain insights into student record management data and analytics
  • Enrolment placement – replacing manual mundane steps
  • eLearning analytics with big data and AI
  • Learning management systems
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Healthcare industry these days are facing a rush of electronic data from e-health records (EHR) from diagnostic images to a host of different document files. Managing and harnessing the analytical power of these large datasets are getting difficult day by day that can ensure security and regulatory compliance.
We at Cognitive Convergence stand ready to help healthcare organizations solve their most pressing challenges by managing their software complexity and reducing cost of ownership. We target to serve delivery digitalization, cloud migration, etc.

  • Access patient data and get healthcare-specific intelligence efficiently to understand patient insights better
  • Patient record and intake management
  • Customer data access on different gadgets such as smartphone, tablet or desktop across multiple facilities or locations
  • Cloud SaaS Platform with OSS, BSS, Service consumer and provider portal
  • Data recording and managing population of health systems
  • Healthcare data analytics and performance management
  • Diagnosis and predictive analytics
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Real Estate

Digital evolution and rapidly changing technology trends have impacted almost every industry sector. The affect can start right from highly technology-driven industries to traditional operations. Real Estate industry is one such sector that has faced a vast range of transformation from being traditional setup to digital-driven.
We facilitate the advent of digital platforms so you can see the way real estate industry modernize.

  • Provisioning, monitoring, and deactivating in portal management
  • Payment reminders to clear outstanding balances
  • Lead/Inquiry Management
  • Analytics for the verifications of income, employment, and references
  • Reporting of empty housing
  • Portfolio management to sort properties categories (rent, sold, auction, etc.)
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Construction industry is moving at a steeper pace towards digitalization. Many well-known brands are opting for companies that offers a streamlined solution that is easy to use and scalable to save themselves from all the troubles. It is a fact that those who proactively undergo a digital transformation initiative are likely to be in a better position to combat industry competitors, cater changing customer’s expectations and adopt government regulations.
Our team provides top-notch industry specialized services to drive operational efficiency so you can streamline business processes by delivering high quality solutions to construction firms.

  • Custom Business Apps for data collection
  • Project Management to improve work efficiency
  • Automated mobile time entry
  • Accurate Cost Projections – verify exact resources required/utilized, people, and equipment against each project
  • Customer and Partner Portal management
  • Analytics & Reporting to track workers’ performance
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The finance industry continues to deal with market disruption with increasing regulatory scrutiny almost every day. To meet this dramatically changing customer demands, financial services firms must look beyond traditional product/service offerings.
Financial solutions are aimed to improve the relationship between financial facilities and their customers while attracting and retaining their most profitable clientele.
Cognitive Convergence aims to act as an ultimate hedge of your financial firm against a changing marketing. We help them to address all such challenges with flexibility, scalability, and secured technology solutions.

  • Assured business continuity with real-time data backups
  • Manual Process Automation to streamlined Onboarding
  • Gamification
  • Financial robotics for tracking and assessing
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies for fraud prevention
  • Risk management via predictive analysis
  • Business Card Scanner to surge verification process
  • Remote work empowerment to replace manual processes, such as approval, etc.
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The greatest challenge of automotive industry lies in reinventing themselves to be customer centric. The innovative solutions are helping automotive companies eliminate tedious tasks so they can enhance the way their business collects and utilizes data. From smart cars to GPS tracking, digitalization helps to make actionable decisions with the necessary insights. This has helped to shape the future of automotive industry to incline towards revolution.
We offer our consultation services to help automotive companies fulfil strict regulatory measures and intertwine software/applications/solutions to advance your traditional business process.

  • Client Portal and portfolio management
  • Performance tracking via dashboard analytics
  • Applications and eforms to surge customer buying process
  • Payment processing for service departments
  • Schedule service appointment, test drives confirmation, and manage vehicle specifications
  • Maintain diagnostic data for vehicle service reports
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