Stimulate human intelligence through our representation, evaluation and optimization in AI/ML integrations

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is used to make machines learn and develop automatically by time, referring to processes and algorithms that are able to simulate human intelligence, including mimicking cognitive functions such as perception, learning and problem solving.

  • Turn the data into actionable information by acquiring data and creating rules.
  • Continually fine-tuned algorithms which provide the most accurate results possible.
  • Reach a definite goal from a present state or condition to solve problems.
  • Scan the environment using various sensors and processes the scene into objects.
  • Extract information from text for prediction and manipulation.
AI/ML Feature Image - Cognitive Convergence

Our AI/ML Services
  • Out-of-box AI MLaaS solutions
  • Choosing the right algorithm to reach the desired outcome
  • Preprocessing, training, modelling, and testing
  • Stimulate cognitive functions performed by human minds
  • Social Intelligence and General intelligence
  • Recommendation systems
  • Development and Implementation either on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS - SaaS platforms
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Cognitive Convergence works with these Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning frameworks

  • Azure Cognitive services
  • ScikitLearn
  • TensorFlow
  • AWS AI services
  • Microsoft CNTK frameworks
  • Apache Spark
AI/ML Framework Image - Cognitive Convergence

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