EdConvergence - An EdTech Startup Idea

​Building a Better Education System Where Success is at Home.

Market Problem

Market Problem The foremost goal of any institution is to provide a platform for the students and parents where they can excel and use that platform in their lifestyle. Our education industry is collapsing day by day as the medium of communication is not being catered the way it should be. Teachers and parents are lacking the proper medium of communication. Students’ psychological assessment, teacher-parent, and administration coordination are not proper which is hindering the actual and productive growth of the students just because parents and teachers are not sharing the equal and efficient means of communication.
The administration is failed to audit or track the teachers on the basis of their instructional methodologies and strategies, their psychological acceptance towards the delayed learners, and their coordination with the parents at the hour of need. There are several complaints monitored with respect to the parents and teachers that they are unable to connect with the teachers when required. This problem is hindering the productivity and transiency of the relation between parents-teacher and administration. This is just because of the fact that our education industry is lacking the main source of communication and coordination.

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Our Solution

Our Parent-Teacher Communication Platform is one of the ways by which the educational sector can improve and can build a bridge between parents and teachers. It will not only constructs the way for better communication but also helps both parents and teachers to work more appropriately and efficiently on the respective child. The administration of the school will have a full audit and track of teachers so that the coordination can work effectively and efficiently.
As our educational industry is evolving rapidly, there has been a lot of technological intervene. This technological intervene is of great importance and impact. It not only enhances the input of the educational institutions but also helps to polish the relationship between the educational sector and students.
Our Parent-Teacher Communication Platform will be a package of all those techniques and tools that accelerates the student’s development not only at school but also at home. This Parent Teacher Communication Platform excels in achieving the maximum result with the positive support of parents and teachers.
Our educational solution will be world-class software in delivering a pitch to parents and teachers to have proficient communication in a “click”. It will also promote by conducting an audit or keeping the track of teachers’ performance for their intellectual and professional growth. Our product will be socially and financially viable in determining and providing extraordinary experiences, high growth, and opportunities for parents and teachers to excel through a personal and professional medium.

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